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3 Bayou Brothers, LLC officially began in 2019, Todd, Troy, & Terry, 3 brothers all growing up on Bayou Lafourche.  We were raised in a Cajun culture of loving to cook, working hard, and passing a good time.  We’re launching with one product, Gingerbread, successful in its on right by work done by Todd and his family while owning a bakery.   Like with any new venture we see a bright future, we know if we stick to the values Richard and Dolores instilled in us we will see the sweet goodness of our gingerbread flow into the surrounding parishes and states just as the waters of Bayou Lafourche.  

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (@gingerplanks) to keep updated on our journey!

Our Team

As with any business, as you grow, so does your team.  They truely make the wheels turn every week to provide our product to our community. This is our original crew, although some have moved on, we are grateful to have had them!

Wooden Surface

311 Tenth Street

Lockport, La. 70374


Wholesale Bakery, Not open to the public.

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